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Born to do Math 53 – Metaprimes (Part 19)

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Born to do Math 53 – Metaprimes (Part 19) 
Scott Douglas Jacobsen & Rick Rosner 
April 29, 2017 

[Beginning of recorded material] 

Rick Rosner: The alternate IC interpretation is all of that stuff still happens, but protons represent some nugget of information – say a variable that contains its own axis. Loose protons out in the universe or ionized protons out in a cloud out with ionized electrons, so it’s an energetic cloud. 
They are only loosely linked via proximity to the other ionized particles in the cloud, but a lot of gravitational energy has yet to be released. These axes are each represented by a proton. These variables are free to vary in the same way as if you had two things not strongly correlated. It is statistics. 
N-dimensional information spaces, say you have the n-variables that might predict how well a kid can succeed in college. You can probably come up with 20 variables that might have an impact, SAT scores, GPA, parental income, age within the school year – whether December or April being born, extra-curriculars and what ones.

[End of recorded material]

Rick Rosner
American Television Writer
Rick Rosner
Scott Douglas Jacobsen
Editor-in-Chief, In-Sight Publishing
In-Sight Publishing
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