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Born to do Math 40 - Metaprimes (Part 6)

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Born to do Math 40 - Metaprimes (Part 6)
Scott Douglas Jacobsen & Rick Rosner
April 16, 2017

[Beginning of recorded material]

Rick Rosner: Any kind of theory needs to explain how something as chaotic as the guts of a star can be involved in the processing of information, which, I guess, implies a kind of looseness in the – what you’re calling – the axioms.

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: There’s probably a better term, but it comes to mind because we were in a math context at the time. So I used the term.

RR: Or it is a bootstrapping thing where order arises…

SDJ: Okay.

RR: …in proportion to a systems capacity for order. So things are always fuzzy on the edges.

SJ: You’re walking along the beach. You have your ice cream. You drop your ice cream. Okay, it is slopped on the ground. Five second wait, you pick up some of it. You end up stepping in seagull poop. The water comes and washes that away. It smooths out the sand. There’s some more order there.

RR: Yea. But quantum mechanics is the most powerful tool that we currently have that is really about addressing order in a world of incomplete information.

SDJ: It is a bit like a physics of association.

RR: Yea. Under quantum mechanics, you only know what you can know via association.

[End of recorded material]

Rick Rosner
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Rick Rosner
Scott Douglas Jacobsen
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