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Born to do Math 46 – Metaprimes (Part 12)

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Born to do Math 46 – Metaprimes (Part 12)
Scott Douglas Jacobsen & Rick Rosner
April 22, 2017

[Beginning of recorded material]

Rick Rosner: You’ve got tacit and present information. I don’t know if they are sharp divisions or exactly how they work in the universe. Obviously, each coin in the universe is processing based on its vantage point, on what it sees. What it sees is what radiates at it at any given instant, the radiation can take various forms. It’s probably by, if you’re going to do a census of the radiation passing through a point in space that may or may not have matter in it, I would assume most of the radiation would consist of photons.

You would still have a lot of neutrinos. If matter in that space, you have lots of evanescent particles like pions and gluons. Stuff that keeps track of keeps nuclei together. You’ve got both virtual particles and real particles. Virtual particles, you could consider maybe even a different form of tacit information. A sea of understoodness that provides a base of framework in which the real particles can have their interactions.

So you’ve got those forms of information. Then you’ve got the manifestations of those information. One large manifestation is the distribution of matter in space. The clumps you see when you look out at the universe. The nuclei and the distribution of molecules and crystals, the Solar System, galactic clusters, galactic arms – which are temporary clusterings of stars, then galaxies and clumps of galaxies and filaments of galaxies at the largest scales.

There’s information in all that clumping. I assume that the mega-clumping, the macro clumping, is or provides information that can fit into the history hopper if you’re going to provide classified information by historical, tacit, or present information. That clumping represents a vast history. Then you’ve got the flux through space of photons and other particles. Though it is a sloppy division because it is the flux of particles through space that provides the information about the clumping that you see.

You don’t see anything without the flux, without see the distance radiation of the universe.

Scott Douglas Jacobsen: That’s where the main associative part comes in. No connection between parts, micro and macro, in the universe and no information processing there, in the major way at least.

RR: Yea. So that’s pretty much it. You can stipulate or say that one thing that is going on is that things that are clumped together and closely associated with each other have more interactions with each other. A clump of atoms or a given cubic inch of ionized atoms in the center of the Sun will more mutual interaction with each other per second than an atom in the center of the Sun than an atom in 10 billion light years away.

[End of recorded material]

Rick Rosner
American Television Writer
Rick Rosner
Scott Douglas Jacobsen
Editor-in-Chief, In-Sight Publishing
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